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Jul 14th, 2015 Swift Action with Digital Dental X-Rays Get in touch

4561731_blogAt Aqua Dental Spa, we‘re always looking to invest in new technology, ensure our clients have access to the most innovative and impressive treatments and we are proud to use digital X-rays to provide accurate, quick diagnoses and aid us in treatment planning.

About digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are becoming more commonplace as a replacement for traditional X-rays. With digital X-rays, we are able to produce detailed images incredibly quickly using much lower doses of radiation. We can also do a lot more with the images we produce, including zooming in to gain a more detailed picture, sharing and uploading files and enlarging images.

We use digital X-rays as part of our diagnostic services, to detect signs of injury and determine the severity of issue such as fractures and also to identify potential signs of gum disease and decay. We also use images to plan treatments such as implant treatment to helps to improve accuracy.

The benefits of digital X-rays

Digital X-rays have many benefits, from increased speed and accuracy to versatility and enhanced patient and dentist safety. Digital X-rays emit a much lower dose of radiation that makes this is a much safer process and there is scope to do much more with the images than with traditional X-rays. We can guide patients through the images to explain what they show and how we plan to address any issues, we can share files with other dentists and specialists very quickly and easily and we can enlarge images to see specific areas in more detail. We can also use the images to create personalised treatment plans for individuals. Digital X-rays are also much better for the environment than traditional X-rays.

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