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Gum disease is the inflammation of the gingivae in the mouth and damage being done to the bone which anchors the teeth to the jawbone keeping your teeth in place. It is a common disorder and in the early stages it can be stopped and reversed. However if left too late and not dealt with it will cause severe problems such as infections and tooth loss. There are two main types of disease in the gums which are periodontitis and gingivitis. With gingivitis the gums are irritated and enflamed by plaque through lack of cleaning routines such as regular brushing and flossing. If left to its devices and not kept clean then it will progress to periodontitis which is when the gums start to pull away from the teeth allowing the entrance of more plaque and eventual tooth loss. If not caught and corrected at the gingivitis stage and allowed to progress the damage is irreversible with periodontitis. A patient may not even realise that they have problems with their gums, it is often quite unnoticeable. However once it progresses it is quite easy to spot as the gums will become enflamed and bleed. Gum disease is caused by build up of a material called plaque which happens when teeth are not cleaned and looked after properly. To avoid gum disease it is best to visit a dentist, West London dental practices offer diagnosis and advise about gum disease. The type of treatment given depends on how severe the gum disease has become, in most circumstances a referral to a dental hygienist is the action taken where advice and treatment is then given.

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