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Nov 20th, 2012 Tackling a Tooth Abscess London Get in touch

Lot of things can go wrong in your mouth, but you can be sure that the root of all these is plaque, coupled with poor oral hygiene. If bacteria are allowed to develop on the teeth, plaque and tartar will form. Unchecked, and then tooth decay and gum disease can start squatting in the mouth and this is where things become serious. Once the gums and teeth have become infected and diseased, then it becomes open season for a tooth abscess to form. Now, out of all the problems that crop up in your mouth, this is one you need to avoid if you can, for not only will it put you in agony, it may develop into a life threatening situation. Aside from the fact that your face will look like a football, an abscess is pure poison and it will leak toxins into the blood and up into your brain. What’s worse, you can do nothing about treating it until you have taken a course of antibiotics to cancel out these poisons, and that can take a few days of extreme discomfort. Once that has been done, then your dentist can get to work on the tooth decay in a vain effort to save the tooth and it may well be vain. Once an abscess has erupted, there’s a good chance it will attack again at a later date and the only cure is to remove the tooth altogether.

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