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Dec 15th, 2014 Take Care of Your Mouth this Christmas in London W1 Get in touch

3884462_blogChristmastime is synonymous with gifts, parties and over-indulgence, and while this is great fun, it’s not great news for your teeth! This Christmas, spare a thought for your old gnashers and take good care of your mouth as the last thing you want is to start the New Year with toothache, dental abscess or swollen gums.

Tips for good oral health this Christmas

If you’re due a check-up, now is the perfect time to call and book. We can ensure that you’re free from pain and rid of any potential dental problems before Christmas.

Christmas is often about enjoying fine foods and alcoholic drinks, but often, these delights are packed with hazardous ingredients for your teeth. If you are planning to indulge this festive season (and this goes for most of us!), take care to remember your oral hygiene routine. Try to avoid snacking and grazing on sweet and acidic foods and drinks between meals and remember to drink plenty of water. If you have a sweet tooth, try to ensure you get your mine pies and Christmas pudding in at mealtimes as when you eat sweet foods, your enamel softens and if you’re constantly grazing, this means that it doesn’t have chance to recover.

It’s worth remembering that wine, beer, fizzy drinks and alco-pops are often acidic and contain a huge amount of sugar, so try to restrict the amount of alcohol you drink, water down fruit juices and try to stick to sugar-free mixer. Alternate every drink with a glass of water and this will help to save your teeth, as well as your head the next morning!

Christmas is often hectic and it seems that there is never enough time to get everything done. However, you should never compromise your health and it’s important to eat well, stay hydrated, wrap up warm and remember to brush your teeth twice a day, every day. Avoiding brushing just after eating or drinking, as your enamel will still be soft and brushing at this time could cause damage.

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