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Sep 8th, 2011 Take care of your teeth every day, say dentists in West London Get in touch

Make taking care of your teeth part of the daily routine of your life and you can look forward to a great many years of excellent oral hygiene. That is what dentists in the West London area and up and down the United Kingdom are telling their patients. Once you have routinized your dental hygiene routine, you should not even have to think about it anymore and your teeth and gums will reap the benefits.

It should start first thing in the morning when you wake up and brush your teeth. It is essential that you brush at this time because over night your teeth are especially exposed to plaque bacteria as saliva production falls. During the day you might want to brush after meals or following a sugary snack. If this is not convenient then you can also chew gum to dislodge food debris, freshen breath and stimulate saliva production.

Brush your teeth again in the evening so that the plaque from your meals is gotten rid of from your teeth and so that your mouth is nice and moist for when you sleep. Be sure to floss after every time you brush. This crucial part of daily dental hygiene helps to stop cavity formation between the teeth and guards against the likelihood of gum disease.

Regular visits to your dentist in West London complete the picture of a good oral hygiene routine.

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