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May 7th, 2013 Taking a chance with a Dental Bridge in the City of London Get in touch

Tooth loss can be very damaging both psychologically and aesthetically when it happens, but once you have got over the initial shock, you should concentrate your thoughts on just how you can get your mouth repaired again in the city of London when this problem crops up. To maintain the future health of your mouth, a hole needs to be patched up because a gap caused by tooth loss can lead to movement from the teeth that are left and infection can follow. One of the most tried and tested methods to overcome tooth loss, is having a dental bridge fitted and it will restore your mouth to its former glory. Bridges come in many shapes and sizes: you can have a new tooth bonded in with wires and resin, which is rather old fashioned by today’s standards because the more preferred method is to have a bridge combined with a dental implant which will not only give your fitting a lot of strength, but it will improve the longevity of the bridge. Every situation requires something different, so before settling on a choice, talk to your dentist before making a decision, as they know your mouth as well as you do.


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