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Nov 21st, 2013 Taking care of TMJ in West London Get in touch

2143132_blogProbably the most vulnerable and exposed part of your body is your jaw joint or to be precise, the temporomandibular joints- or TMJ. Now this is a term that has also been used to term conditions that have gone wrong as well. These joints are so tiny and fragile, and have to do a lot of work as well during the average day, but they get protection from the muscle that surrounds them. However, what they don’t need is to be put into the firing line from impact sports or from teeth grinding and unless you address and protect these joints, you could be in serious trouble in the future. The early signs of problems are when your jaws ‘click’ whenever you chew or open your mouth, but aside from this, continuous stress can lead to damage throughout the head, neck and upper back. Curing the problem will become expensive and more intricate the longer it is allowed to go on and may involve some hefty surgery in the future. If you find that your jaws are aching regularly or even clicking, don’t waste any time and go and get yourself checked out as soon as you can in west London.

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