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May 16th, 2012 Taking up the Fight Against Bad Breath in Central London Get in touch

Bad breath is not a pretty thing to suffer from if you live in a busy, bustling and socially demanding place like central London. It can also make you an outcast and there is nothing worse than being alone in a city so you try to fight the problem the best you can. The first port of call should be your dentist to see if there is anything obvious going wrong with your teeth and gums. Tooth decay and gum disease can give off pungent smells, as can your tongue if bacteria are not removed from it, so you should address these problems as well as changing the way you look after your teeth when you are at home. What you put in your mouth, i.e., nicotine and alcohol can greatly reduce the freshness of your mouth so these need to be cut out, at least until your breath recovers. Diet is important too, a healthy body equals a strong healthy mouth so it is important that you are on top of the game and keep your immune system strong. Always keep your mouth hydrated, drink lots of water and chew or suck on sugar-free sweets to aid the hydration process: avoid caffeine and heavily sugar based drinks; wherever you are, ensure your teeth and gums are clear after eating as food will quickly spread bacteria. If the problem still continues after trying all of these things, you may require tests from your doctor, as the problem may relate to your body as opposed to your mouth.


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