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Mouth, or ‘apthous’, ulcers are painful, round sores that appear in the mouth. Although they are generally harmless and will disappear on their own, they can cause a great deal of pain when trying to brush your teeth or eat. Your local dentist in the City of London will be able to help you treat ulcers and offers some tips to try and stop their reappearance.

Almost everyone will have to deal with mouth ulcers at some point, though for some they will be a recurrent problem throughout their lives. There are several causes for mouth ulcers, most often they appear following trauma to the inside of the mouth. This may be due to physical abrasions, such as cuts from a sharp tooth, hard food or a toothbrush. Chemicals, such as alcohol or aspirin, may cause ulcers in some users. Mouth ulcers can also be a symptom of herpes which can cause recurrent ulcers. There are many other causes of mouth ulcers, such as allergies or diet, if they continue to occur it is wise to visit your local dentist for a check-up.

There are several ways of dealing with mouth ulcers. The first approach should be to remove any environmental factors that may be contributing. Changing medications, removing certain foods from your diet, or quitting smoking may all stop the appearance of mouth ulcers. The pain of mouth ulcers can be reduced by gargling dissolvable paracetamol, or rinsing your mouth with very cold water before eating. There are many anaesthetics designed for mouth ulcers available at your local pharmacy. If these are not effective there is a range of natural remedies that can have some success at reducing the soreness.

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