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Jan 27th, 2011 Talk with a central London dentist about digital X-rays Get in touch

Digital X-Rays or digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging that uses sensors instead of film usually used in other radiography. Digital radiography it is a great deal more efficient than normal x-rays as it doesn’t need as much radiation to produce a decent picture. There use within dentistry can be described as an intraoral procedure. Digital X-rays are one of the newest dental x-ray techniques, and as such their availability is limited due mostly to its cost. However digital radiography is set to become a standard machine for most practices in the future. With this kind of digital x-ray the film which is usually used as mentioned before is replaced by a flat electronic pad or sensor, the x-rays hit the pad in the same way they would with a film, but instead of development the image is sent digitally to a computer where the image appears, it can then be stored and printed. One of the big advantages to digital x-rays is the ease of manipulation of the images for instance, images can be compared to previous radiographs, and it can also subtract anything in them which is the same and give a clear image of any changes in the teeth. This means little changes that may be the signs of a potential problem can be caught very early. Central London dentists offer such x-rays ask at a local dental practice.

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