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Jan 29th, 2011 Talk with a London W1 dentist about Lumineers for your teeth. Get in touch

A lumineer is a special type of porcelain veneer that is ultra thin, just like traditional veneers it can improve the appearance of your smile by filling gaps and enhancing worn down unsightly teeth. The difference with Lumineers is that they are made from a special type of porcelain that is extremely strong yet a great deal thinner than normal veneers. There is a distinct advantage with this kind of veneer as there is very little tooth preparation required to have the veneers fitted. This procedure does not involve the removal of half the natural tooth in order to be placed, instead this type fits over the natural tooth. Another distinct advantage of Lumineers is that the process is completely reversible, so there is no risk or permanent commitment involved. In addition to this there is now Lumineers with laminate in Lumitray technology which is a new process involving Lumineers that allows a dentist to attach all the Lumineers enhancements at once, cutting down the procedure time considerably. Typically the procedure takes around two dental visits, during the initial treatment a mould is taken, on the second visit the Lumineers will be checked and fitted pain free. To feel the advantages of Lumineers visit a London W1 dental practice and discuss your potential treatment.

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