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Feb 5th, 2013 Tasty Teeth Whitening In Central London Get in touch

There is no doubt that teeth whitening is one of the biggest sellers in central London and you can see why; in a competitive place like the city, you’ve got to look good to get on and having good looking white teeth reflects this. You could just jump in the deep end and set up an appointment with your dentist for the latest laser whitening. At around £100 it’s a snip and it will only take about an hour to get a sensational new smile. Or your dentist can set you up with a kit that you do at home- again, the results are exceptional. But people can, and often prefer to go it alone these days and there are lots of different products that you can buy in the shops to whiten your teeth in your own time. You can buy complete kits with bleach and trays so that you can do the whole whitening thing whilst you relax at home. Though there are also lighter techniques available as well: bleaching pens, brushes and strips are very popular and are great for just touching up areas of your smile that have become duller than others. But the most subtle form of whitening can be found in toothpastes: it is the less abrasive treatment around and will have you up and smiling in just a few days of use.

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