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Apr 17th, 2013 Teenage kicks with Invisalign in West London Get in touch

Invisalign has already made a large impression on the world of orthodontics in west London; it sensationally gets your teeth straightened in an extraordinary way. For a start, being made from transparent plastic, it sits ‘invisible’ in the mouth whilst tugging your teeth into place- genius. Then you can take it out at your leisure- again, genius. But the whole programme has taken on board the needs of its biggest customers as well- teenagers. When you enrol on this treatment when you are young, the Invisalign system has thrown in a few extras for you. These aligners need to be replaced as your teeth move and so, they are built in with a tiny blue dot that fades, just to remind you when it’s time to put in the next aligner. Being young and wayward as well, it is easy to get carried away at parties and sometimes you can, for whatever reason lose your aligner when you may be getting fluffy and kissing someone or out on a date: Invisalign Teen has got this covered too, for it offers you free replacements so that you needn’t worry. The point is though; Invisalign Teen is a fantastic way of getting your teeth straightened without the cruel jibes that you may get in the schoolyard if you were bogged down with a mouthful of metal.


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