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Sep 16th, 2013 Teeth grinding and the dangers in West London Get in touch

2839654_blogIf there is one condition in west London that is instantly destructive to your mouth, then it is teeth grinding. The city can place a lot of stresses upon you and you may not even be aware of them, but you may find yourself getting uptight and angry about things. The point is though, if you don’t de-stress by relaxing when you get home at night, maybe with a nice bath, soothing music or the like, you could well be taking this into the bedroom with you and into your sleep- the place where grinding works its proper evil. Now sure, you can get a gum-shield made up that will protect your teeth from damage, but it won’t stop the grinding action itself. You will need to find more psychological ways in order to calm yourself down; maybe even anger management. If you don’t, this grinding that you do will break down your jaw-joints. This will also lead to problems throughout your head, into your neck and then into the upper back, and then you truly are in dangerous territory indeed, as this can lead to damage in your central nervous system.

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