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Jun 22nd, 2012 Teeth Lost Their Sparkle? Speak to Your West London Dentist about the Causes of Tooth Discolouration Get in touch

Many people find that over time there teeth begin to lose their sparkle. The bright white becomes dulled and stains blotch the surface of their teeth. There are many reasons for the teeth discolouration, your West London dentist will able to suggest preventative measures to keep your teeth looking clean as well as treatments that will return your teeth to their previous natural colour.

Discolouration occurs due to both internal and external causes. Caffeinated, alcoholic, or sugery drinks are a major external cause of teeth discolouration through the stains they leave on the outer layer of enamel. Smoking is similarly bad for maintaining white teeth, the tar that is inhaled in the smoke sticks to the surface of the teeth and become very stubborn to remove once it is set.

Even with the best diet and environment, some people find their teeth discolour for internal reasons. This can occur when the internal material, the ‘dentin’, of the teeth gains a yellow tint or darkens. There are many causes of this ranging from physical injury to the teeth as a child to the use of certain antibiotics. Due to both internal and external factors, teeth tend to become darker and yellow with age.

There are several options that your dentist can offer you to deal with teeth discolouration. Primarily, prevention is the best option. Regular brushing and flossing is essential. When possible, rinsing your mouth of staining products (such as coffee and wine) with water will reduce discolouration over time. For treatment your dentist will clean your teeth, a ‘scaling and polishing’, this is a very effective and thorough way of removing excess plaque and stains that build up over time. For more serious cases bleaching agents can be applied by your dentist to return the bright white natural colour.

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