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Jul 13th, 2011 Teeth straightening from Central London dentists: how to choose the best treatment for you Get in touch

Having a set of straight teeth is not only more aesthetically appealing it can also help with the health of your mouth too. Teeth which are too bunched up in one place can be recipe for cavities and it might be harder to clean plaque and debris from in between them. Nocturnal teeth grinding (known as bruxism) can also occur as a result of misaligned teeth and this can have consequences such as cavity formation and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

So if you have decided that your teeth need straightening out then you will be faced with the decision of which method will suit you best. There are a number of high profile newcomers to the market place when it comes to teeth straightening and each of them has a unique selling point. Six Months Brace boasts that it is able to straighten out a set of misaligned teeth in only six months. Invisalign uses only clear plastic when straightening teeth so it is very discreet. Inman aligners also claim discretion because they use only one visible part.

All of these products developed in response so criticisms of the methods of the traditional metal brace. Often having to be worn for several years, the traditional metal brace means that the wearer has a mouth full of visible metal wires and brackets. These can be hard to clean and are not removable. However, the traditional metal brace is still the best way to solve all teeth straightening issues. The newer products, for instance are not able to rotate teeth.

Talk to your Central London dentist if you want to find out more about the different ways that you can have your teeth straightened. He or she will be able to advise you about which one might suit you best.

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