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Apr 2nd, 2010 Teeth whitening has become affordable says a West London dentist Get in touch

Teeth whitening used to be exclusive to Hollywood movie stars and Pop Stars, but now it is available on the High Street and at a price that most people can afford. According to a West London dentist, the cost is now so affordable that finance plans are now a thing of the past. The main reason is the advances in technology that now allow technicians to carry out the work, the dentist still has a place in the market, but the market monopoly has long been broken. Competition is also responsible for the revolution in the guy and girl on the High Street having teeth that even Simon Cowell would be proud of. The simplest ideas are often the best, and for a couple of hundred pounds anyone with healthy gums can get that Hollywood smile. Home kits are also being marketed in the chemist’s shops and on the net, who would have thought 10 years ago that you could buy a beautiful smile and a white smile on the internet, and for less than £100 in most cases. That said, even your average dental cosmetic clinic has brought down their prices, although these clinics are usually visited by clients who are looking for a more prolonged teeth whitening service. A typical session at a salon will involve just 2 visits, at the first a technician will give your gums a look over to make sure that there is little or no gum decline. Then at the next session you will be given a soft rubber mouth guard to protect all the mouth flesh, then a gel is coated onto the teeth and a light is then shone onto the gel, the reaction is what gives you the whiteness. A strict diet avoiding staining food and drink must be followed, but it literally is that simple. The whole session last an hour and is split into 3 fifteen minute sessions.

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