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Aug 7th, 2010 Teeth Whitening made easy and affordable, by a City of London dentist Get in touch

Teeth whitening isn`t just a method of giving you brighter and healthier looking teeth, it can also give you much needed confidence in the form of a smile make-over. A City of London dentist has been advising their clients on the different methods that are now available, and at a much appreciated cheaper price. It used to cost thousands to have a whiter and brighter smile. Today we have technicians who travel around to homes and salons providing a very good service in teeth whitening, they use a gel and a machine that produces a bright blue and intense light source. They protect the gums and mouth from burning with a gum shield made from a soft rubber, this goes in the mouth much the same way as a sports gum shield. The gel is painted onto the teeth, and the light shines on the gel to make it react with the teeth’s enamel. This makes the teeth whiter and brighter for around a year. You will need to have it done in three 15 minutes bouts, but it is done in the same session and the whole thing lasts around an hour. Afterwards you will need to avoid things like red wine, colourful cocktails and certain foods that will re-stain your teeth and undo the work of the technician. You`ll be given a diet sheet and although you`ll miss your coffee and tea as well, you`ll be pleased at the progress and have that confident smile again to show all your friends and clients.

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