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May 20th, 2011 The advantages of a Mouth-guard in Central London Get in touch

Any dentist in central London will try their damned best to keep your mouth healthy- keeping your teeth and gums free from disease and decay, doing cosmetic work to keep you pretty and making sure your ‘bite’ is correct to project your jaws from damage and further complications in your head, neck upper back. So they can only recoil in fear when they learn that their patients are running onto a rugby pitch, entering a karate tournament or stepping into a boxing ring- the very activities that are risking undoing the good work that these dentists do. Mouth-guards are already used in various guises for dental procedures, teeth aligners and retainers, teeth bleaching and for protecting the teeth from unnecessary wear if you grind your teeth. But they really come into their own for those who take pleasure in physical sporting activities, protecting the teeth, tongue, gums and jaw from unnecessary injury. Like most things these days, you can go into a shop and buy one off the shelf, or one that you can mould to your teeth to yourself by dipping into the device into warm water. But for full contact sports, it would be wise to have one tailor made- not only offer you greater protection from damage, but to be designed more accurately for the activity of your choice.

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