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Nov 6th, 2010 The advantages of Cerec in west London Get in touch

People in west London live in the fast lane. Busy work and play schedules often leave time for little else. So finding time for dental treatment often takes second place to hectic routines. But people living fast lifestyles has not gone unnoticed by dentists and as new technology gets more refined and faster, so do treatments, CEREC being a prime example. Most cosmetic treatments such as crowns and veneers can take a few weeks to complete, because the product is manufactured in a lab. But with CEREC treatments, these can be done before your eyes at the dentists. Using state of the art imaging and computer programs to analyse the work needed, the required components can be fabricated in as little as half an hour to the correct size and colour, making the perfect match to your mouth, and any complications can be ironed out there and then before the fitting is made. This means you can be in and out again in an hour with your new look. Very attractive if you’re in a hurry, as is the price, costing no more than a normal treatment.

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