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Sep 6th, 2012 The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry in Central London Get in touch

Art is a beautiful thing and it’s lovely to see people express themselves in all walks of life in central London, especially if they are doing it in their place of work. Dentistry is one of the prime examples of this, for it takes an ungainly mouth and turns it into a thing of beauty with all the tools and modern technology at its disposal and as every mouth is different, it makes every treatment artistically bespoke to you. There are so many ways that you can get your smile into shape and in most situations, it’s your dentist that is the catalyst to make it happen. They can plug up any holes in your smile by fitting you with a bridge, a dental implant and crown, or by having a partial denture fitted, and from this, they can get to work on the rest of your teeth. Whitening the teeth through bleaching can transform you smile in under an hour, if your teeth are already in pretty good shape: if however your teeth need a bit more TLC, you can opt for veneers or dental bonding to get them looking good again. Dentists have also got a bit cheeky as well, as they have started to move outside of the mouth too. The needles that they use to numb you before a procedure are also perfect for delivering Botox and dermal fillers, so now, dentists are also called in for removing those tacky crow’s feet above the lips that frame the smile.

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