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Mar 30th, 2012 The Art of Endodontics in West London Get in touch

459343_blogAll dentists have your best interests at heart in west London and will endeavour to give you the best treatment they can, unless the work is too specialised, in which case, the will refer you to someone who is expert in a particular field of dentistry.

The study of Endodontics is such a specialised field, which concentrates on the tooth, from the pulp, through the nerves and into the root. If there is something going wrong with any of these elements inside the tooth, or there is a risk of infection due to injury, the dentist will refer you to an endodontist for treatment.

Most teeth will suffer some form of decay at some point which, if caught early, will only require a filling, but it is when the decay is allowed to eat its way inside the tooth, that the pulp will become infected and the decay spread throughout the tooth and possibly, to the surrounding teeth as well. This will eventually cause the loss of the tooth and you could also ride the risk of an abscess if you do not have root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment will be used by an Endodontist to treat the infected tooth. The process involves the removal of the rotten pulp first, before the old, infected nerves can be drilled out from inside the root. Once this has been successfully done, the tooth can be disinfected and then filled and to retain the shape of the tooth a crown would normally be fitted over the top. This treatment will also help to retain the health of the surrounding tissue as well.

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