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Mar 27th, 2013 The art of Tooth Restoration in London W1 Get in touch

From time to time and against the best laid plans to protect your teeth, things may well go wrong. Ageing is particularly damaging as your teeth may well suffer from gapping and discolouration. Of course, then the unexpected may happen and your teeth may become damaged though injury. But you can sleep easy because your dentist has all of the situations covered in London W1 and there are ways to get over such issues. If your teeth are in fairly good nick, the easiest way is teeth whitening and before you know it your smile will be shining brightly again. Damaged teeth however will require a bit more extensive treatment, but your dentist can offer you a lot of choices. Two of the best are dental veneers and bonding; these treatments can cover up a lot of nasty things and restore your smile back to what it used to be. The other side to tooth restoration though, aside from how pretty you want your teeth to look, is to maintain your oral health. Good tooth restoration, through the basics like fillings and root canal treatments are designed to keep your teeth in your mouth and ensure that your mouth remains healthy until the day you die. These are the grass roots that a dentist works by; it’s their job, what they have trained years for and so, you can only benefit from the tools a dentist has at their disposal to look after your teeth- you are in safe hands.


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