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May 1st, 2010 The basic steps to handle a dental emergency are explained by a Central London dentist Get in touch

The best way to deal with a dental emergency is to first of all don`t panic, more damage can be done to a injured tooth or a gum problem if the basic guidelines are not adhered to. A Central London dentist has spoken out recently and given some very good and sensible advice on the subject. A chipped tooth is a common emergency and this often exposes the nerve, which causes great and excruciating pain, the first thing to do is to calm the injured person down by putting a warm, not too hot, water soaked cloth on the outside of the cheek. If you don’t have a temporary dental repair kit in the house, then sugar free chewing gum can be used to cover the exposed part of the tooth. In an extreme case a hospital or night time dental surgery visit may be necessary, but this is rare. Do not under any circumstance give the patient any alcohol, it doesn’t clean or numb the pain and will most likely infect the tooth causing more problems later on. Dental cement is of course the best temporary repair and it is advisable to be like the scouts,` Always Prepared`, by buying a kit from a chemist before the incident happens. Tooth ache is another problem in dental emergencies, these are usually caused by an infection or even stress. Again do not put alcohol onto a toothache, no matter how many old wives tell you to, it will do nothing to alleviate the problem. Oil of Cloves is a good temporary measure, the heat generated will penetrate the porous layers and relieve the pain until you can get to a dentist. Salt and pepper mixed with a little water to make it bond will also help in the absence of Oil of Cloves. However the best advice is to prepared and keep an in date emergency kit in the cupboard.

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