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Mar 9th, 2012 The Battle Against Plaque in the City of London Get in touch

1904692_blogIt may be ill-advised to compare the problem of plaque with the Black Death in the city of London, but to be fair, it is just as rife as the plague was and although plaque is not as terminal, it can lay waste to your mouth and body if not controlled.

The problem is it is always present in the mouth, which is why  the importance of good oral hygiene and regular check-ups cannot be stressed enough.

Decay develops because of left over bacteria in the mouth and soon hardens into tartar. If not removed, then you are at risk from gum disease and tooth decay- this will inevitably lead to tooth loss in the long run and possible problems with some of the body’s most vital organs. So, you must fight it at the source with regular brushing and flossing to start with.

There are a lot of products on the market specifically aimed to fight plaque from toothpastes to mouth-washes- there are even dyes you can buy that highlight plaque  in the mouth.

Plaque is persistent and although you do your best to battle against it, it can sometimes break through your defences, which is why you need your dentist as back-up to remove any signs of tartar building up around the teeth. It is an everyday fight, but one you must win in order to maintain the health of your mouth and your body.

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