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Jun 28th, 2013 The beautiful and hardy Dental Bridge in West London Get in touch

Tackling any form of tooth loss can be a very torrid and frightening; the very issue of it can be very upsetting so you need to get advice as quickly as possibly from your dentist in west London and weigh up your options that you have to get over it. It’s just the vanity issues that can affect you, but there are also a lot of health implications you have to consider for the future health of your mouth as well; so you need to get any gaps filled up as soon as you can. One way is to choose a dental bridge to do the job; having been around for decades now, they have a proven track record with tooth loss and if you care for them and learn to clean them efficiently, they can give you well over 15 years of good service. They have also changed a great deal in the time they’ve been around too: it used to be all about bonding in a new crown with wires and resin, but as materials and technology have improved, so have the type of crowns being developed and used these days. Cementing a new tooth onto the remaining teeth is a very strong option, but even stronger is combining this method with a mini-dental implant, giving the bridge an even better shelf-life than ever before. Shop around and find out what is best for you. We are talking about your future here, but don’t leave it to long, otherwise other health problems may develop.


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