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May 23rd, 2013 The beauty of BOTOX in LondonW1 Get in touch

It never ceases to amaze how much cosmetics have changed the life of people and how other people are only too willing to administer treatments to improve the way you look in London W1. Dentistry is no different either: not content with just making your teeth look sensational, those loveable dentists have learnt to work outside the box as well, and seeing as they have the needles already, they can improve the wrinkles around the mouth- in fact, all around the face. Getting injected with BOTOX isn’t permanent- it will only do you for around 6 months before you need a top-up, but it has an incredible way of making you look young again and is perfect on the lips if you have already spent out on getting your teeth done. Once the serum is injected into the cracks, it plumps the skin out- in affect, it smoothes out all of the crannies and rejuvenates the skin, making it look younger and healthier. The thing is however, this treatment for all its worth is addictive and once you start, you may well become hooked: that isn’t such a bad thing though if you can afford it and it will stem back the ageing process; around the lips, it will frame the work you have had done on your teeth beautifully- so it would well be worth looking into if you are getting on in life.


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