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Sep 26th, 2011 The beauty of Botox in the City of London Get in touch

Okay, so you’ve spent thousands with a dentist in the city of London to get your teeth looking like you did when you younger and the bet is, they look fantastic. However, that has probably highlighted the lips that look a bit like a sparrow’s foot. You can see why dentists hopped on the botox bandwagon- from the teeth it’s a natural progression to the lips. And let’s face it, considering it doesn’t take long to administer botox injection and the fact that a dentist already has the injections to do the job, who can doubt the reasoning- you’re already in the chair! Botox, for all its bad press is perfect for turning back the years; it’s a perfectly safe toxin that once injected, inflates the skin and removes wrinkles that come with age. Generally it only takes around a quarter of an hour to do, is pretty painless and one treatment will set you back around £100. Now that’s not bad for shaving 20 years off your life! But, and there is one, the only problem is that the body will breakdown botox and so you will have to return to the chair again every few months for a top up.

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