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Dec 26th, 2012 The beauty of Laser Gum Contouring in London W1 Get in touch

Some of us in London W1 are lucky to be born with reasonably trouble free teeth and for those that aren’t, there are ways of getting patched up. But it is not only the traits of our teeth that we inherit from our parents. Some people inherit a surplus of gums growing over the teeth that can leave you with what is termed as a ‘gummy’ smile. In the past, excess gums could be cut away with a scalpel, but that was not only painful, it could take weeks to recover from. So, thank the heavens then that laser technology has reached dental surgeries, as this has revolutionised dozens of treatments, especially the removal of gum tissue, known as laser gum contouring. Once you pay a pittance and sit in the chair, the dentist will get you to smile in order to ascertain how much gum needs removing (they will only remove the tissue that shows when you smile). Then after a local anaesthetic, gently, the tissue will be removed and this will take around 30 minutes. For days afterwards, you will need to use a medicated mouthwash and use mild pain-killers if you suffer from any discomfort. But the gums will heal quickly, after which, you will need to pop back to the dentists to what further treatment you may need in order to finish off the look- this may take the form of dental veneers or laser bleaching.

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