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Jul 8th, 2013 The Benefits Of A Dental Check-Up In West London Get in touch

364999_blogGenerally, most of you living in west London should be visiting your dentist twice a year for a check-up; it is a chance to spend quality time together and not just to do the basics. During a dental check-up, your dentist will have set criteria: your teeth will be checked for signs of decay and your gums checked for disease and these will be determined by probing around in your mouth and by an x-ray- all of which will be documented and then cross referenced every time you go in; so over the years, your dentist can see how your mouth is fairing and give you professional advice about different aspects on all areas oral. However, modern dentists are also brilliantly versed in everything these days and by just doing this check-up on your teeth, they know exactly what you have been doing/ should be doing, whether right or wrong, and they will pull you up on things if they think it is threatening not only your oral health, but the health of your body as well. From your aspect though, it is also a chance to share your joys or your woes too; maybe you are not happy about the things you do to maintain your oral hygiene, or the way your teeth are starting to look older. Just use this time to talk because you can share topics on smoking, diet, hygiene, cosmetic dentistry…anything: make good use of your dental check-up.

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