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Jun 5th, 2015 The Benefits of a Digital X-Ray Get in touch

iStock_000005833734SmallWe aim to keep up with technological advances in the world of dentistry and enable our clients to access to the latest and best treatments and services. We offer digital X-rays as a modern alternative to traditional X-rays. Here are some of the many benefits they offer:

  • Lower dose of radiation: understandably, many patients today are worried about exposure to radiation and digital X-rays help to allay fears, as they reduce radiation levels by around 75 percent.
  • Increased speed: digital X-rays are more efficient than traditional X-rays and the images are ready incredibly quickly. Within seconds, you will have detailed images ready to interpret.
  • Easy sharing of results: with digital X-rays, you can view X-ray results immediately on computer screens and then share them as required with other specialists or health professionals.
  • Clear, accurate images: digital X-rays are incredibly versatile and the sophisticated technology allows you to alter and enhance the images to increase accuracy and clarity in real time. Dentists can adjust the exposure to make the image lighter or darker and they can zoom in on specific areas and enlarge images to get a more detailed picture.
  • Education for patients: dentists can use digital X-ray images to show patients what is going on in their mouth and enable them to gain an understanding of any issues or learn more about treatment processes before they have a procedure. This can enable patients to learn more about their oral health, but it is also has major benefits for confidence and it helps to reduce anxiety.

If you would like to find out more about digital X-rays or learn about our state of the art equipment and the latest dental technology, don’t hesitate to give us a call or ask when you have your next dental appointment. Our dentists will be happy to show off their gadgets and explain how they work and what benefits they offer.

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