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Oct 17th, 2011 The benefits of Dentures in London W1 Get in touch

Dentures are a very scary prospect in London W1 at the best of times and getting measured up for them can be an awful moment in your life- but you are going to have them fitted to continue the health of your mouth and jaws in the future. With any dental procedure, the overriding aim is to protect the mouth’s occlusion or the bite as this will save you from having issues with your neck and upper back in the future. So if you have found that you have lost a tooth or two, or maybe through gums disease, lost the lot, dentures are the way forward. But you can throw away any of the old images of the way your elders suffered dentures. New denture technology has given a whole mew lease of life to those that have to wear them: beautiful new developments in the materials that dentures are made from have helped them stick to the mouth far more firmly than they ever did before. Fixodent’s have moved on from the bad old days, but one of the greatest innovations for denture wearers is that of the mini dental implants that can be located into the jaw and then hold your dentures in place like never before. Losing teeth is a fact of life for some people and whatever the reason, it should never stop you looking to the future.

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