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Feb 14th, 2009 The Benefits of Getting a Mouth Guard in London W1 Get in touch

As you may be aware, it only takes one blow to the mouth to cause gum injury, tooth loss, and nerve damage. Regardless of whether that blow comes from a baseball or a fall, it is very important to do what you can to protect your teeth during certain activities. In most cases, wearing a mouth guard will prevent injury to your mouth. Fortunately, when you visit a dentist in London W1, you will be able to obtain a custom fit mouth guard.

Consider a situation where you would normally wear some kind of helmet. This may include working in construction or riding a bicycle, as well as playing some type of sport. As a general rule, if you are concerned about head injuries, you should be equally concerned about dental ones. This is especially important to consider if you have children that play sports or ride bikes. A custom mouth guard created by a dentist is the only type that will ensure inner mouth structures receive the maximum amount of protection.

Typically, you will find that the procedure for obtaining a custom mouth guard is fairly painless and easy. Your dentist will make a model of your teeth, and then create the mouth guard from soft plastic. Unlike the virtually useless mouth guards sold in most stores, you will have very little, if any difficulty breathing or talking while wearing the mouth guard designed by a dentist. At the same time, if something hits your mouth, the teeth, gums, and inner cheek tissue will all be protected.

Even though you may not engage in activities that require the use of a mouth guard, it is crucial to consider the activities of your children. Unfortunately, even one injury during gym or recess may undo years of dental alignments, cleanings, and cavity management. At the same time, the last thing you will want is for your child to suffer with long term nerve damage. Therefore, it will be best to have custom mouth guards made as quickly as possible.

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