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Nov 14th, 2012 The benefits of Inter-dental cleaning in London Get in touch

In the early days of dentistry, just brushing your teeth was seen as something special in order to keep them clean. But as our understanding of all things oral has got better, in London today, we know that just brushing is not enough. It will serve to remove film and bacteria from the surface of the teeth, but after a good meal, a brush will not get among your teeth to remove anything bits that may have got lodged (this is particularly true as we get older and gaps appear between our teeth). Many products have come onto the market to help you do this job. Flossing is now recognised as an important ingredient in a daily hygiene programme and there are dozens of different types you can buy to slide between the teeth and up around the gums to remove food that can cause the breakdown of the teeth’s enamel. To also back up this cleaning process, inter-dental brushes also help the cause, by delicately working themselves into gaps and around the gums and again, are brilliant for removing any residue food. By carrying out this procedure after every meal and to back up your regular brushing, it seriously reduces acids and bacteria in the mouth that lead to plaque, tooth decay and gum disease.

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