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Aug 17th, 2012 The benefits of Invisalign in London Get in touch

When it comes to having a brace/aligner fitted, you can be forgiven for not being overly excited about the fact. However, before you make a choice, you should first check out Invisalign, for several reasons. 1: what are all braces saddled with…stigma because of the way they look and people are sure to take the mickey out of you, well WRONG. This aligner is made from a completely clear material so that means that these people wouldn’t know you’re wearing it. 2: fixed braces are a problem to clean and promote poor oral hygiene, well WRONG again. This aligner can be removed whenever you want to. 3: braces take years to work, again, WRONG. Invisalign works up to three times faster than other techniques. It all sounds a little too good to be true, yet it does everything it boasts about. Once you have been checked out to see if you fit the bill for this treatment by having a series of images taken of your teeth, then you are on your way and fitted with the first of many aligners that are changed as your teeth begin to shift. It is not the cheapest of ways to get your teeth straightened in London, but it is the most efficient.


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