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May 25th, 2012 The Benefits of Mini-Implants in London W1 Get in touch

If you have suffered some kind of tooth loss in London W1 of late, you’d rather prefer to get the tooth or teeth replace as soon as possible to keep up your appearance, after all, the city can make those kind of demands to keep up with the Jones’. Now, you could opt for a dental bridge or if your loss has been exceptionally tragic, dentures. But whatever, you go for, you should rest easy in the knowledge that there are mini-implants to support your plight. These tiny little dandies came about rather by accident, but they soon carved a niche of their own among their bigger relatives. For a start, they can be place a lot faster than full implants, in a day in fact and there is no limit to how many you can have to do the job required. They heal fast and in some cases you are good to go with your new fitting as soon as they are in. When you have a bridge fitted, cementing the crowns at each end should be enough, but in situations where several teeth are being bridged, it can become precarious in the middle. However, with a mini-implant in the middle of the gap, it can anchor the bridge to give it strength and durability. Similarly with dentures, mini implants play an anchoring role: the placement of five or more ‘minis’ can help to lock the adapted denture into place for a strong, firm fitting. They are not expensive either and the freedom they afford for bridge and denture wearers is out of this world.

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