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Aug 12th, 2016 The Best Diet for Healthy Teeth Get in touch

2429879_blogThe foods we love to eat feed our entire bodies, including our teeth and gums. Our favourite meals and snacks can determine the state of our oral health. As professional dentists, we often get asked about the best diet for a healthy smile.

It’s not an easy one! We’re all unique and some of us have faster metabolisms or health conditions that require us to stick to a certain diet. Our health status and food tolerances can get in the way of what we should and shouldn’t eat, so instead of mashing out a bulletproof list, here are some general markers to give you a good idea about what you could eat to keep your smile healthy.

Keep up with the calcium

Just like our bones, our teeth need calcium to keep them strong and healthy. Calcium can be found in dairy products such as cheese and milk. There are also plenty of dairy-free sources of calcium, for instance leafy green vegetables, legumes and fresh fruit.

Be balanced

To give our bodies all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need, it’s important to keep our diets balanced and versatile. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and try and avoid processed foods. Fresh foods keep our bodies strong, including our teeth and gums. It’s also important to drink lots of water to keep our gums hydrated and wash away unwanted bits of leftover food.

Say no to sugar

Sweets, fizzy drinks and other sugary, acidic treats can erode our tooth enamel. As our tooth structure erodes, the process paves the way for cavities and potential fractures. The combination of acid and sugar can cause bacteria to colonise in the mouth, leading to possible gum disease and tooth infections. Nasty!

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