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Jan 21st, 2015 The Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth in Central London Get in touch

3170978_blogA daily coffee habit, smoking and overall wear and tear can all be harmful to the teeth, causing them to lose their radiant white glow and become dull and discoloured. If your teeth have lost their sparkle, why not try our professional home whitening system? You could soon be enjoying a beautiful bright smile and the good news is that you don’t even need to brave the wind or rain to achieve amazing results! You can get a dream smile in the comfort of your home.

About home whitening

Home whitening is a simple, safe, effective and convenient way of adding some extra sparkle to your smile. With this system, treatment takes place at home and you can adapt your treatment to fit in with your work and social commitments.

Before treatment starts, we will arrange a consultation to talk you through the process and create the impressions for your whitening trays. The trays hold whitening agent and they look similar to mouth guards. They are bespoke to you to ensure that they comfortably fit over your teeth.

Once your trays have been made, you can take them home and start your treatment. We usually recommend a treatment period of 10-14 days and encourage patients to wear the trays for 6 hours per day. We usually find that patients choose to wear the trays at night, so that their treatment has minimal impact on their day to day life.

What can I expect from home whitening?

You should start to notice a difference after just a few days and by the end of your treatment, your teeth should look noticeably whiter and brighter. The results of treatment should last for a long time, but you can give your teeth a boost by repeating treatment in the future.

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