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Jul 1st, 2013 The Brilliance Of The 6 Months Brace In London Get in touch

595603_blogA lot of people fear the idea of fixed braces in London, but there have been some mighty fine new developments in this field, and if you do a bit of research, you may well come across the 6 Months Brace, and essentially, 6 months is all it takes to straighten your teeth up. The reason it bucks the trend of traditional fixed braces, other than the treatment time, is because it is sympathetic to the needs of the wearer; it uses up-to-date materials that mirror the colour of the teeth, making it very discreet when it is finally in. Getting it into your mouth involves placing several plates onto the teeth first and then joining each one with a wire that goes around the outside of your teeth, before being anchored at the back of the mouth. As the teeth begin to shift, the wire will be continually tightened by your dentist so that this pressure is always forcing the teeth to move. This brace can do many jobs, but it is best suited to working on difficult teeth that show themselves when you smile. Throughout, you need to be vigilant of your oral hygiene and get to grips with cleaning it- you’ll get the hang of it though, and you always have your dentist to bail you out of trouble.


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