Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Oct 4th, 2013 The brilliance that is Cosmetic Bonding in Central London Get in touch

2445507_blogIt is always comforting to know that if things have gone wrong with your mouth or indeed, are going wrong, you can get a really quick-fix to patch your teeth up with; in a busy place like central London, you will need this kind of back-up as well. So then, sleep easy in the knowledge that you have cosmetic bonding to fall back on and bail you out of all your problems with your teeth. This is a very versatile and cheap little treatment that will give you back your smile in a little as an hour and will cover away problems such as discolouration, cracks and gaps. Layers of resin will be pasted over the problem areas and then shaped to fit in with the rest of your teeth- it will be colour matched to suit the general ambience of the teeth surrounding it and once this has been done, all of the teeth will be polished to give off a sparkle. This could be just the ticket for a jaded smile and you will be amazed at the outcome. It isn’t the strongest option, but if anything starts to go wrong, then just pop back in for some more- it’s that easy. Ask Mulberry Dental Care about this: these people work in the area and can advise you all about this cracking little procedure.

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