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Jun 30th, 2011 The Brush just isn’t enough in West London Get in touch

‘The world is not enough’ whereas in west London ‘the brush is not enough’ and there’s a good chance 007 is carrying more than a gun and passport in his briefcase these days. Next to other gadgets, there’s got to be a roll of dental floss and a mouth-wash in there somewhere. Yes, it’s great that we brush as often as we can during the day, especially after meals, but your average toothbrush is just too large to ‘get right in there’ where it matters- between the teeth. Flossing is a difficult technique to master, but with patience and practise, you’ll get there in the end. Of course, you can by packets of disposable floss-in-holders these days that take the sting out of the process for you. Inter-dental brushes have also become very popular; again easy to use and very effective. And lest we forget mouth-washes for there is an extensive range out the to suit all types of mouths and their condition, whilst aiding in the fight against plaque- the very reason we are going to all this trouble in the first place. We should never underestimate how a good daily oral hygiene program helps to keep our mouths fresh and clean and healthy. So ‘Mr Bond how would you like your floss…on a roll or between the sticks?’

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