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Nov 8th, 2010 The choice of dentures in London w.1 Get in touch

It’s official! Even in London’s wealthy W.1, people are losing their teeth. But it’s not a funny scenario, tooth loss can be very traumatic and can have many physical and psychological implications. However you lose your teeth, either through decay or injury, losing your teeth can seriously affect your self esteem and confidence as well as your occlusion (bite) and the ability to eat. Facially, cheeks will sag and age you. Hence, replacement becomes a priority. There are number of treatments used to counter missing teeth such as implants and in the case of a few teeth, bridges. But dentures have comes a long way, far removed from the ones your gran could buy in a toy shop. They are manufactured from a wide range of materials and the choice is determined by what suits you and feels comfortable. But there is another important factor to consider when wearing dentures, how you hold them in. If molded correctly, they should hold firm to the gums. Problems arise however, when it comes to eating and with certain foods even some fixatives can let you down. The latest addition is the use of mini implants to click the dentures into place firmly. These can be expensive but they improve your quality of life tremendously.

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