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Nov 2nd, 2010 The choice of teeth whitening in west London Get in touch

Seeing our favorite film star smiling on the silver screen can leave some of us with the desire to cover up and feeling depressed in west London. But attaining the perfect smile is not so far out of reach as we think without opting for the more expensive choice of veneers. There are options that aren’t that expensive either. The first is the home bleaching kit. These start from around £150 and come with everything you need. The bleaching guard is heated in hot water and molded onto the teeth to acquire the correct shape, into which the bleach mixture is poured- the treatment takes around 30 minutes. A more expensive version is Enlighten Teeth whitening- trays for the teeth are made at the dentist and then for the next 2 weeks, a similar bleaching agent is used in the trays and worn overnight. In both cases, smoking is a no-no for a while and diet is important for a few weeks afterwards to avoid foods or drinks with strong staining properties. If this doesn’t appeal, teeth can be whitened quickly at the dentists with laser light treatments. A bleaching gel is smeared onto the surface of the tooth and then cured with a special light source. This can also be done at home by a visiting technician. Both methods are popular and can give you back that self confidence you had lost.

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