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May 6th, 2013 The choices of Dental Crowns in London W1 Get in touch

Sometimes, things will go wrong in your mouth in London W1; you may succumb to tooth decay, you may even lose a tooth or two, but to maintain the overall health of your mouth and continue the aesthetics of your smile, it is imperative that you repair the damage done. These issues will involve you having a dental crown fitted to restore the problems with your teeth and you have few options to choose from when it comes to getting a crown put in place. If you prefer the natural look, porcelain is the way forward and you have two options here: porcelain-over-metal is very strong and will help to restore your teeth in areas of the mouth that do a lot of chewing work, such as the back of the mouth; pure porcelain crowns will help restore problems at the front of the mouth and will fit in with the general look when you smile. The other option is to go for gold: gold crowns are not only very strong; they also give a status symbol to the mouth of ‘richness’ when you smile. All of these options are great and when choosing your crown comes down to practicality, style and personal preference, so talk to your dentist first before making your choice.


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