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Jan 7th, 2013 The City Of London Gets Another Bridge Get in touch

Losing a tooth can be quite a deflating experience to you in a place as pretty as the city of London and can turn you introverted for a while as you come to terms with your loss. But once you have come through this, you really need to turn your mind to getting it replaced, not only to get your smile looking aesthetically pleasing again, but to also to prevent the flaring up of infection throughout the mouth. There are a few choices here you can go for, but you should really have a good look at a dental bridge first. This is a tried and tested method of tooth replacement that has been around for decades and that’s a good sign, because it means that it works. There were three basic types of bridge to begin with. The first being a crown that is attached to one other tooth using wires and resin, the second used the same bonding techniques but between two other teeth. The third and most popular is where the replacement is moulded between two crowns that are cemented onto teeth either side of the gap. This bridge has evolved, whereas the other two have been left behind, because of the rise of the mini dental implant. This has helped to anchor bridges better than ever and put them well and truly back on the map. Bridges are strong, tricky to clean at first, but if you look after them, you’ll get over 15 years of service out of them.

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