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Mar 28th, 2013 The complications of Removing a Wisdom Tooth in London Get in touch

Your teeth are very robust things and when they grow, they plant their roots firmly into your jawbone and unless you suffer from periodontal or gum disease, they will be there for life. With wisdom teeth however, that’s a different story as they often have a mind of their own. For some lucky people, wisdom teeth grow freely into the mouth and will never be a problem. However, this is not the same for most of us and because, one of the biggest problems is the room they can grow into. This means that they can often grow in all directions and may never erupt through the gums, and then become impacted. This means wisdom teeth more often or not need to be removed for the future protection of the mouth and to get it over and done with, all four would normally be pulled at once- easier said than done. The roots on these things are incredible, and to get them out is akin to having a tractor pull them out with a rope. This is why a dentist would normally refer you to a hospital somewhere in London to have the work done because it is scary on paper, and in reality. It will take a few days before you will be allowed to leave, but at least you will be under constant surveillance and looked after. Then, when you are out, you will need to be careful with your hygiene and eating habits until the stitches are ready to come out. Sounds complex and it is, but this is probably the last major thing you will have to go through with your teeth ever again.


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