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Nov 8th, 2013 The craft of CEREC in West London Get in touch

283481_blogDon’t you just love the way technology has swept through all walks of life in west London, helping to improve our quality of life? It has certainly revolutionised dental surgeries that’s for sure. The ideal example of this is with a treatment that goes by the name of CEREC. Whenever you have dental bridges, crowns or veneers fitted, conventionally it would take up to a few weeks until the procedure was completed, but with CEREC, it can all be over with in around just one hour, and this is why. This system revolves around a unique computer programme that analyses and then creates a new fitting from the digital images taken of the affected area of your mouth. Once this has been done, all the information is then relayed into a milling machine that will manufacture the part in-house while you are waiting and being prepared. When ready, it can then be fitted into place; any problems can be rectified there and then so that you are done and dusted with the new repairs and fittings in place


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