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Dec 27th, 2012 The craftsmanship of Cosmetic Bonding in the City of London Get in touch

There are a lot of dentists in the city of London that are very proud of the work they do in the field of cosmetic dentistry and rightly so to: each mouth poses its own problems and it is up to the dentists to use all of their knowledge and then artistic skills to give you the perfect smile: one of the techniques that rather defines these skills is cosmetic bonding. The dentist will first take a look at your teeth to ascertain your problems; these can include gapping between your teeth, receding gums, cracks in the enamel, chips and discolouration. Then after a quick clean, the dentist will set about building up a series of coloured resin layers, each ‘cured’ as it is applied, until the dentist considers that all the problems have been hidden and that there is enough to work with. Then, bringing out the artist, the dentist will gently sculpture the teeth into the desired shape before highly polishing to get the perfect finish in your mouth. The beauty of this treatment is that it is quick and can be done in one sitting. Out of all the cosmetic treatments out there, this is not only one of the cheapest, it is also the most versatile: if anything goes wrong (staining for example), you just have to pop back for a top-up and your smile is back on track again.

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