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Aug 27th, 2012 The Crowning glory in West London Get in touch

As you go through life in west London, your teeth can go through many traumas, anything from decay to tooth loss and in order to retain the health of your mouth and its occlusion (the way your teeth bite together), it’s imperative that you try to limit the damage done by repairing or replacing any problems or loss, and in most cases this would involve the fitting of a dental crown. These can be used to help rebuild the tooth after root canal treatment, or be attached to a dental implant to replace a lost tooth. In any situation that occurs, it is then a matter of choosing the material to make the crowns from and this depends on the type of work they are expected to do once they are fitted. Teeth at the back of the mouth experience more stresses from biting down and chewing than the front teeth and it is this governs what material you choose. Rear crowns are generally manufactured from gold or porcelain-over-metal- strong crowns that can take these stresses. The front teeth however are more for cosmetic purposes and show off your smile, so a pure porcelain crown would be more affective. In all cases, they play an important part in re-addressing the balance of the mouth.

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