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Feb 20th, 2013 The Dainty Damnon Brace In Central London Get in touch

Braces should not necessarily be about how they look, more what they do and the efficiency with how they work. But if you have a complex problem, you are going to have to have this railroad of metalwork in your mouth for quite a while in central London, so you would like your fitting to look a little discreet. Modern braces have taken all of this on board and with the Damon brace you are going to get the best of both worlds. This device is rather unique in the way it works: Plates are placed on your teeth and joined together with a wire. However, unlike other fixed braces, this wire moves freely through the plates; it has to, because it is then attached to a unique anchor at the back of the mouth that self-tightens as your teeth begin to move. This means that you have fewer appointments with your dentist and your teeth move very quickly. The wire can be released from the brackets, which helps with your daily brushing and cleaning of the device. It also sits discreetly in your mouth because the plates and wires are coloured to match your teeth, though Damon also offers a brace that is completely transparent for the ultimate in discretion.

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